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What does it Spell? DOLLS!

Seriously a big cheer and call out to all my wonderful Marie Osmond doll Friends!

I’m sure you have all been wondering why there has been this silence lately on the doll front.

As most of you may know, my dolls have been with us for over 25 years now, which is pretty incredible, and we are so in love with each and every one of them, aren’t we! That’s why I thought it was the right time to explain to all of you the “why’s” or “wise” to why they have been on their curious hiatus!

I know most of you understand that in recent years, the doll industry has changed quite a bit and because of these changes, it has, unfortunately, become increasingly more difficult to produce the type of high quality dolls, that you and I have come to expect over the years, while still keeping them beautiful and affordable. As an award-winning designer and sculptor, I feel that I cannot accept anything less than this standard for you, myself and especially for our cute adorable dolls. They and you deserve this!

Another component in making my decision is that I barely have time to take all my vitamins and pull up my Spanx, let alone sculpt these days!

So my dear doll friends, for this reason, I have had to make the very difficult, but necessary decision, to say “au revoir” to a most wonderful and special part of my life. I realize this may come as a disappointment to some of you – I know it is to me too.
However, there are times and seasons in life for everything. This is just one of those life transitions; but please know that my passion and love of dolls and all of you, will never wane, as I hope it won’t for you either.

My goal was and has always been to bring generations together with doll collecting and I’m so pleased to say that together, I believe we’ve accomplished that. My true dream is that it will continue on through future generations of doll lovers. It has truly been a joy getting to know so many of you because of our shared passion of collecting.

Hey, and who knows, maybe someday our dolls just might come back from their little hiatus  That’s the beauty of being a female – we can always change our minds, right?! This I do know, we will for sure, find ways to continue our love of dolls and have fun little get together’s to keep celebrating! It’s our prerogative … and our porcelain .

I truly feel like we are family because we have shared this common bond. I know the friendships we have built through the years will last forever, after all … we haven’t just collected our dolls we’ve collected a lifetime of memories.

I love and appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know!!!


“Marie” Show Is Moving To Reelz!

Marie is happy to announce her day time talk show “Marie” is moving to Reelz Monday Janurary 6th, 2014. “Marie” will be on weekdays 10aET/7aPT, be sure to tune in!

Watch the announcement video here:


Donny & Marie Christmas Tour Schedule Announced!

We are so thrilled to announce our Christmas tour dates today! Check out for full details! Tickets go on sale August 16th! We hope to see you at a show!



Flamingo Las Vegas Theater Renamed The Donny & Marie Showroom


The Flamingo Las Vegas theater has been renamed to the Donny & Marie Showroom as well as having their
Donny & Marie Show extended through 2014.

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Marie is joining forces with Wise Food Products!

Marie is proud to announce that she is joining forces with Wise Food Product.


Marie Osmond, will become the national spokesperson for a top-selling line of emergency foods. A leader in the growing emergency food market, Salt Lake City, Utah-based Wise Company is engaging Marie Osmond as part of a major expansion of marketing efforts for their dehydrated and freeze-dried food products to broader audiences through new channels.


According to Wise Company Founder Brian Neville, “Marie’s interest in our products is a big reason why we approached her to become our company’s national spokesperson,” says Neville, “and we are thrilled with this new partnership.”


“I was sold after my first taste,” says Osmond. “I never would have thought entrees made of dehydrated and freeze dried ingredients could have this much flavor. I believe we all need to be better prepared for any type of emergencies and having long-storing Wise meals at the ready for my family brings me peace of mind.”


According to FEMA, during the past decade, the United States has experienced an average of 50 natural disasters each year; nonetheless, studies show that only 10 percent of Americans are prepared for a disaster in which one must rely entirely on one’s own stored food supplies for multiple days. Wise Company will promote the many benefits of keeping an emergency food supply through national advertising mediums like; TV, radio, print, and online featuring Ms. Osmond. “Not only does she resonate well with our target audience—predominately women in the 25-50 range—she personally appreciates the value of being prepared for any crisis situation, and like many women juggling career and family, she also understands the need to quickly and easily provide her family with shelf-stable, great tasting foods.”


Aaron Jackson, CEO of Wise Company says the company recently reformulated many of its products. The new recipes have reduced sodium and no added trans-fats. Our freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are then packaged in durable long-lasting pouches and stored in stackable grab-and-go containers. “Our process and packaging helps ensure freshness for up to 25 years and ease of preparation, “ Jackson says. “When you are ready to use one of our entrees, just tear open the top of a package, add hot water – or even cold water in a crisis – and in minutes you can enjoy a remarkably flavorful, nutritious meal.”


About Wise Company, Inc.:
Wise Company, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a leading supplier of high quality, innovative dehydrated and freeze dried food products for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Wise Company provides great tasting, high quality foods that can be prepared quickly and easily. Wise markets its products through a robust internal sales force that sells to channel partners, including retailers and distributors, and direct-to-consumer through its in-house sales force. For more information and a complete list of product offerings, visit

CLICK HERE to download Media Kit containing the official Press Release and images.

Tune in to QVC for Marie Osmond Dolls – Monday Aug. 12

Tune in to QVC for Marie Osmond Dolls

Monday, August 12, 2013 from 10 a.m. – Noon ET


Photos from John & Marie’s Hospital Visit to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Here are a few photos from John and Marie’s hospital visit to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals last Thursday.

-2 -3




July 29 – August 11
Donny underwent a surgical procedure earlier in July to correct a long-standing injury and unfortunately due to an extended recovery period, his doctors have advised him not to travel and perform in Atlantic City.
Greg Young, one of the shows producers

 Joining Marie Osmond for the Caesars Atlantic City engagement will be long-time friend of the show, John Schneider, and her nephew David Osmond.  Osmond and Friends kick-off their Atlantic City stint on Monday, July 29 at 7pm in the Circus Maximus Theater.  Tickets, which are still available, can be purchased online at or at the Caesars Circus Maximus Box Office.  Doors for all shows will open one hour prior to concert start. Any refunds will be given at point of purchase.


Doors Open at 7:00pm
Show Starts at 8:00pm

Doors Open at 5:00 pm
Show Starts at 6:00pm

SUNDAY 8/11:
Doors Open at 12:00 pm
Show Starts at 1:00pm

Check out Wise Food Storage on the Marie Show

Hey, my social family! Did you know how many great emergency preparedness items – besides the great food – they have at @WiseFoodStorage? Watch them on our show Thursday #Marie


Update On Osmond – The Puppy Who Visited The Marie Show

Hello Everyone, I asked Lorri Bernson of Guide Dogs of America to send us an update on Osmond, the puppy who came on my talk show a little while back ;)

You can view the segment HERE


Osmond The Puppy

Osmond The Puppy


July 2, 2013

Osmond is now exactly 2 months old as of today (see photo attached) and has left Guide Dogs of America to go live with his puppy raisers for the next 18-20 months as he sets his sights to become a guide dog! Right now he is learning how to sit for food and to get used to walking on a leash. Soon we’ll be adding more obedience skills to his repertoire!  The other photo attached is what we presented to Marie when we were on her show a couple of weeks ago, when I told her that I named a puppy-in-training after her family.


August 1, 2013

As you can see by the photo, Guide Dogs of America puppy-in-training “Osmond” has not lost his cuteness since his photo that was taken a month ago when he was 8 weeks old. Now at 12 weeks of age, he is venturing out a little bit more, exploring many new things and places, such as short visits to the grocery store and some restaurants – all in preparation of the work that he will hopefully be doing as a guide dog. He definitely knows his name and is sitting and saying quite nicely even when his food is being placed down for him (and that is very tough for a Lab!). So for now, he is learning basic obedience and as time goes on, his adventures will increase in duration and noise, so that he gets used to all of the sights and sounds of this big world. Having him be an obedient puppy and get his socializing skills down is the job the puppy raiser family that has him for the next 18 months. GO OSMOND!