It’s a Sunday afternoon and my kids are telling me that it’s root beer float time. That means I need to open the store-bought root beer and Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean ice cream and put it all together.  No hardship.  In fact, I usually have to sample all 6 to 10 root beer floats…you know…just to make sure the balance of ice cream to root beer is just right.  My mom used to make her own root beer and homemade ice cream.  You couldn’t get better stuff than that!  Can you even imagine having the time to bottle your own root beer?  Once in a while she would go overboard with adding yeast and the lids would pop off and ricochet around the basement walls.  A definite hazard of the hobby and possible injury if you happened to be nearby!


Sunday is pajama day in my house.  After church, we usually come back home and put on some form of pj’s about 4 p.m. for the rest of the day and hang out as a family.  It’s kind of an odd tradition, but what can I tell ya…it’s an Osmond thing.
I’m thinking about having pajama day on my talk show.  Come on!!  Wouldn’t that be a blast?  Every guest wears flannel pj’s!  Whoo-hoo!


I was looking at the episode guide to this week of shows and thinking about the forms family takes…and how our closest relationships are those that can uplift us, teach us, and sometimes break our hearts, too.


On Monday, Diane Burnett will be on the show.  She is the ex-wife of the creator of the infamous “Survivor” reality shows.  So, she’s kind of the mother of reality TV.  She is also the mom to two kids with Mark Burnett, who was her first love.  Even though they’ve been separated for ten years, you can still see the bruised feelings.  What I liked about her is that she is so willing to show her vulnerability.  Tell me if you agree after you watch it.


Tuesday is Alana Stewart, who I found to be so willing to share her life story, both the good experiences and the painful ones. She was married to rocker Rod Stewart, had a whole modeling career, and also was by Farrah Fawcett’s side in the last years of her life.  Farrah was like a sister to her.  It’s a compelling story she tells of loss and how she found comfort.  And, a message she got from heaven.  Really intriguing.  Also, the wisdom she gained.


Wednesday…is that cute guy, Dean Cain.  His family is his 12 year old son and when you watch the show, you’ll see a man who’s dedication to his child runs very deep. I’m telling you…a great Dad makes a very attractive man, doesn’t it?  I should know: my husband is one.


Okay, so I’m going to go make popcorn, because I’ve got to have that sweet-salty thing when I watch a movie.  I told my husband:  “In about 10 years we will get to pick the movie WE want to watch!.”  Yeah, right!  That will be the same time that I have free days to bottle homemade root beer!! Happy week, everyone.